...We are happy to be able to introduce two Spanish pornographic films, made around 1925, whose subtle perversity reflects the oblique tastes of the contemporary Spanish ruling class.

It is said that these two films were shot upon the personal order of king Alphons XIII, the grandfather of today's king Juan Carlos and, together with his courtiers, also a great lover of these "pastimes for joyous rainy evenings".

Some of the director's personal friends appear in the films along with some street prostitutes from Barcelona's Chinese quarter.
"The confessor or the friar's blessing".
A friar, in order to satisfy his wanton cravings, convinces his female penitents that they may be forgiven only if they oblige his wishes. He forces them to be nude, making use of their vulnerability.

"Ladies' cabinet".
An old story about a doctor who abuses his female patients. The doctor's wife takes revenge by sleeping with his servant and maid. In this film we may see - this also according to expert's opinions - one of the very first lovemaking scenes with three participants in the history of pornographic films.
The fact that both films have been preserved to our day is a true miracle. The filmotheque in Valencia, which has restored them, says naught about the historical happenstance, which allowed them to survive the tumultuous time of the republic, civil war and Spanish Frankism.

It is therefore with immense pleasure that we are inviting you to see these films and we hope that they will make you as happy as we have been to find these two jewels of pornographic cinematography.