What is the

The Sex Machines Museum is the only museum in the world dedicated to sex machines.

Its complete design was improved in the summer of 2015: a new appearance and the expansion of space with more exhibits.

 “Lipstick” red was chosen for the walls, adding a replica of an old cinema dedicated to the screening of erotic black and white films of the early 20th century, a room with adult toys with old stimulation instruments as well as disturbing and exciting installations.

The museum contains more than 300 exhibits. You can visit three floors in a historic 17th-century building in the center of the city with a total area of 600 m2.

The collection of objects from the whole world is the result of research that began several years ago, conducted by the owner Oriano Bizzocchi, designed to guide the visitor in an ironic and intelligent manner, permitting them to move through the curiosity, history and perversion of human sexuality.

The erotic scene has an actual encounter with obsolete anti-masturbation equipment, corsets as well as quaint and modern sex machines.

The Sex Machines Museum is the key to the entertainment and amazement created by machines with the vision of the dildo, some of which are only patented but their materialization is awaited. This all leads to thoughts on how people have always been attempting to attain the invention and construction of machines designed for pleasure.